Facebook how to sign in log in sign up

facebook is the largest in the world, the social site, commonly referred to as lianshu. it adopts the statement where you can meet people from all over the world.You should log in Facebook everyday if you are single. if you want to become a member of facebook, the first floor is that you inscriez a facebook account.

method / floor.
1. for facebook, and have access to the official website. you must register to the home page and fill in related information, including: name, e-mail, do you use gmail, hotmail, the password, the anniversary date and sex, then click the button to inscrier with your confirmation. (the inclusion of facebook is on the basis of the confirmation. if your name is not real, it’s going to get a warning message with, at this time you need to adjust your name for you to try it again.
2. facebook has a lot of customers, and perhaps there is the situation of the same name. at the present time, a dialog box for the éjectte certifiaction identity, he needs the vertification phone. if there is no this box, there is happiness.
3. click the button to continue and complete the code of vertification.
4. click the button of the telephone number. if it is suspended mid road, it must meet the vertification code generally does not appaît in this situation.
5. select the code of your nation, and enter your phone number, and then click the button to continue.
6. completing your vertification code, click the button to confirm.
7. removed option to the certification of the issue, we suggest that it is visible to you, in order to ensure the safety of your telephone number, then to maintain the facility.
8. certification of safety drive and click for full registration. you can begin the installation of your account by the button to continue.
9. step 1: get your friends. add your friends by looking for email. in general, we leave the floor.
10. step 2: information on the home page. after fill your needs. you can correct them after the installation on the home page, or you can leave.
11. step 3: add your image. upload your picture, click the button to set aside and continue.
12. after completion of the above-mentioned facilities in your home.
now, start your own trip on facebook.