Facebook announced Wednesday, will no longer allow the user through the main application of Facebook transceiver for news. Facebook is facing competition from multiple mobile messaging applications, such as Snapchat and Line. If the user needs to send and receive messages, then the Facebook is required to install a dedicated message. Require users to install independent messaging applications will help Messenger popularity, but it may also lead to user dissatisfaction.
Facebook said in a statement: “through Messenger, we have created a fast and reliable messaging experience, at present, all the energy and resources focused on this experience is reasonable for us.” February of this year, Facebook announced the acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19000000000.
Currently has 1200000000 Facebook registered users. The company is developing a variety of independent applications in the near future, as the main application of the Facebook. In January this year, Facebook launched a photo based news reading application Paper, received a positive evaluation.

January 27th news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook recently launched a simple version of the application Facebook Lite, the size of the application is only 252k bytes. Reported that Facebook began to test the product in several countries in Africa and Asia over the weekend. The company’s move to attract more users in developing countries.
Facebook Lite has only an Android version, and is open to some countries, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Vietnam are among the top countries in the world of smart phones, and they are also in the starting line-up for Lite Facebook. Running in the 2G environment and the poor network conditions. This application is based on the mobile phone on the “Snaptu” version of the Facebook application, but increased the push function, but also integrated the camera shooting.
All along, Facebook has been regarded as the home of the company to pay attention to the field of mobile. However, if you want to maintain the growth momentum, it will need to attract those users who are not good network environment. In addition, Facebook is still using more ways to attract users. Companies previously announced to encourage operators to provide free internet access to users in some areas. The company also plans to use solar powered drones to provide Internet service. Analysts predict that this year’s smartphone sales will grow 15%, while prices will fall to $30.

2015 Facebook users in the number of social networking sites through the phone will be close to 1000000000. There is no doubt that the next twelve months will be the key to promote the growth of Facebook advertising. 2013, Facebook 6990000000 $45% in advertising revenue from mobile advertising. EMarketer, this year Facebook mobile advertising in total revenue share will reach 10900000000, that is $73%.
This year, the United States is still the largest Facebook mobile phone users market, accounting for 80% of its mobile phone users, reaching 123100000 people. EMarketer predicts that in the United States Facebook mobile advertising will account for 74% of advertising revenue, higher than the global ratio.
India is the world’s second largest Facebook market, Facebook registered mobile phone users will exceed 100000000 for the first time this year. By 2017 India Facebook mobile phone users will exceed the United states. Indonesia is the third largest market for Facebook, but also the top ten of the Facebook mobile phone user coverage, the user accounts for 92.4% per month through the mobile phone Facebook. By 2018, the coverage increased to 98.8%. Britain and Russia are also mobile phone users share more than 90% of the country.

Facebook released a new video data:
Over the past year, the world’s average per person posted a 75% increase in the number of films, while the United States has increased by 94%.
Globally, the number of individuals and brands from the dynamic times has increased by 6 times compared with the same period last year.
Global 65% of Facebook video traffic comes from mobile devices
Since June, the average daily number of Facebook video browsing reached 1000000000, of which 2/3 from the mobile device, and about 100000000 per month, about videos uploaded to Facebook’s official website
Model market research advisor (TNS), Facebook Taiwan consumer online behavior survey noted that 69% of Facebook users have been watching the film on Facebook, and 56% had been released by Facebook film or video link…
The mobile video traffic has grown by 532%, and estimated that between 2013 and 2018, the overall mobile video will grow 14 times.

Facebook launched a free Internet application in Columbia, designed to enable users to access through the mobile phone terminal free access to multiple network platforms. To help more people connect to the internet.” He hoped that the next few years the plan can be implemented in more countries.
This event is Fackbook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Zuckerberg Mark) to promote the application of the Internet, one of the measures, the service has been deployed in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania. Although Zuckerberg declined to disclose what the next step will be in the country to implement the application, but it is confident that the application will be changed to mobile operators in the global scope of the standard to expand the Internet access rate.
According to Tigo relevant data show that, despite the world’s population of 85% people living in the mobile network coverage area, but only 30% of people can access the internet. The government of Columbia says it is hoped that other mobile operators will be able to join the program. “Our goal is to use technology to create a good communication platform, so as to promote social peace and improve the level of education.”

Facebook said the company has introduced a new option to combat the “hoax” and false news. Allows users to mark a news story as “intentionally fabricated or fraudulent news” to reduce the likelihood of a hoax news spread. Because this information can be in the online social network with 1350000000 users spread like wildfire.
Facebook has become an important source of news. If a thread with a link to an article is marked by many people as a hoax, or by many people choose to delete, the rate of its spread in the Feed News is reduced.” Studies have shown that 30% of American adults consume news content on the Facebook web site.
Facebook said it will not remove false news from its website, but will be included in the design of the algorithm for the consideration of the design of a hoax, and the algorithm is the user’s post can spread more than a decisive factor. But the irony of content should not affected, such as “to humor funny (News), or is explicitly marked as Satire”.

The Facebook incorporates a Toronto boutique design company Teehan+Lax. Teehan+Lax has created a news as the core content of the product service, Medium, Prismatic and Readability and other products are out of this company’s hand. At the same time, in order to integrate into the product and service in a more first-class design elements, the core members of the Teehan+Lax Lax John, Teehan Geoff and Gillis David, etc. also officially joined the Facebook flag.
Although technology companies and employment design team cooperation in the industry are common, but few companies like Facebook announced this resolution as high profile. Feed News is an important component of the Facebook platform, Facebook is likely to introduce the concept of the design team has been the product of the Feed News.

According to foreign media reports, due to the Facebook in many areas to reach out, Facebook is also ambitious to launch its own satellite and manufacturing to provide Internet services in the world remote areas of unmanned aircraft. These two tasks have become an important area of recruitment: Facebook recruitment information display needs of the personnel, including search experts, aviation electronic equipment experts as well as radio frequency communications and thermal engineering experts. Its workforce continues to expand. Virtual reality, unmanned aircraft and data center business expansion to the Facebook company’s staff expanded up to 14%.
This social network company is currently on its website to send a large number of recruitment information, the goal is to recruit nearly 1200 new employees, thinking that the future is ready. In addition, Facebook acquired the online advertising company in 2013 Atlas. Facebook Posts listed in this area more than 20.
Facebook’s current business expansion may help the company to increase its annual revenue to $30000000000 over the next few years. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, they will have to start from the world of excellence. Facebook last year to $2000000000 acquisition of virtual reality Rift Oculus has become the focus of growth. Recruitment information listed on its website shows that virtual reality has become one of the focus areas of recruitment.
In addition, a number of positions in the Oculus Facebook recruitment program are the manager of logistics, procurement and supply chain management. Some analysts said that this shows that the product may be close to the official release. Virtual reality is still a new thing for the general consumer market. However, if virtual reality can really be accepted in the field of entertainment, games, communication, and computing, Facebook is likely to become the core of the IT industry in the future.
Chief operating officer Sandberg in an interview, said, we are an ambitious company, we also have an ambitious CEO. Our users are constantly growing, our business continues to expand, we want to support these.” She said, Facebook today’s business compared to a few years ago has been multiple growth.

Facebook David Markus said that chat is a lot of Facebook users often do things, before Facebook introduced a feature that allows users to send audio clips to each other, however, Facebook users often find that some of the audio clip is not easy to listen in public places.
Facebook has chosen some of the users to carry out a small range of testing, as you see in the screenshot, when the user received voice chat, audio players will be displayed below the text of voice chat. This text transcription is automatic, Facebook news team David Markus recently on its Facebook website home page, reveals a new feature Facebook is testing; video chat transcription. In the future there is hope to become a wider range of applications, the Facebook is currently collecting feedback from small test subjects.

At Work Facebook App Facebook in the United States local time on Wednesday morning at Apple Store.
At Work Facebook interface and the use of the ordinary version of the Facebook is similar to, which will include the dynamic summary, messaging and groups, and other common functions. However, your network will be limited to colleagues, and not including friends and family.
Facebook the purpose of this is to separate the user’s work from the private sector. There have been rumors that Facebook will get revenue through the at Work Facebook. And Facebook spokesman said, at Work Facebook will not appear in the dynamic summary of advertising. In theory, you can use the existing Facebook products to communicate with colleagues. But if this is done, the content from the working group will be mixed with your personal content in a dynamic summary, and you may also have to share other aspects of your private life, such as personal photos.
Facebook spokesman said, the full launch of the at Work Facebook is still no timetable. At present, you can only be in Store App in a simple way to understand the application.